Monday, April 5, 2010

4 months old!!!!

Logan was 4 months yesterday!!! He now weighs 14 lbs 12 oz and is 25 inches long!! He is such a happy baby! He laughs if you tickle him and smiles so big if you just look at him! He is very cautious of other people though. If he doesn't know the person and they get up in his face he starts crying! But if you know him he loves you!!! He can now roll over from his stomach to his back which makes it very difficult to do tummy time but is so adorable!! We love him soooo much!!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Logan Bryce Rhoton

Okay so Logan is here and now 2 months old!!! It has been way too long since I blogged! Here is the story of his birth!
On Thursday December 3rd I went to my doctors appt and she stripped my membranes. I came home and had a normal day and even colored a friends hair. About an hour and a half after she left, around 10:30pm I started having cramping but I didn't think anything of it! Bryan and I went to bed but the cramping was starting to get more intense and evenly spaced out. That's when I realized I might be in labor. I let Bryan sleep for about an hour and a half while I timed the contractions. I woke him up around 12:30 and told him that it was time to go! I did my hair and my makeup, which didn't last at all once I started pushing, and off we went! We arrived at the hospital around 1:30am. They checked me out and I was in between a 2 and a 3 so they weren't sure if they were going to admit me! They had me walk the halls for an hour to see if I was going to make any progress. When I came back they checked me again and luckily I progressed so they admitted me! I got the epidural right away! I seriously love that thing!!! I called my sister and my mom and dad to let them know that I was in labor around 7:00. They came to the hospital right away! Bryan called all his side of the family to let them know! Every body was so excited! The rest of the day my family hung out with me and Bryan and we just relaxed! Later on that evening we got a couple little scares. I had developed a fever which made the doctors nervous for infection. And Logan was transversed. His head was sideways and if he didn't rotate we were warned that I might need a c-section and opening me up if there was an infection would make it a little more high risk. But luckily about 15 - 20 minutes after finding out that Logan was turned the doctor checked again and he had rotated!! At about 9:30pm it was finally time to push! I had Bryan and my sister by my side! Bryan was holding my leg while Tiffany was taking pictures! There were so many nurses in the room to take Logan to the NICU as soon as he was born due to the infection. They weren't sure if he had it or not but they had to be cautious! That room was full! I don't know how any one moved around in there! An hour into pushing about 10:30 pm my lovely epidural that I had loved so much left me!! I then started feeling everything!! As the night progressed I was getting really tired and oxygen levels started to drop. The doctor tried using the vaccum to help Logan come out but no such luck. Finally he gave me an episiotomy and Logan was born at 11:44pm December 4, 2009! He weighed 7 lbs even and was 20.5 inches long!! He went straight into the NICU where he was given an IV of antibiotics. We were so disappointed that all of our family members that had been waiting for hours at the hospital couldn't see him! But luckily they all were able to come back to see him while we were still in the hospital. When he was born his oxygen levels were too low so he also had to be given oxygen until the next day. He finally returned to normal and turned out that he didn't even have an infection! So we had a beautiful, healthy baby boy!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

2 weeks!!

Holy crap!!! Now I am really freaking out!!! I only have 2 more weeks to go!! Holy cow! I had my cervix checked on Wednesday and I am 1 cm dilated and 50% thinned! So we are moving along! But wow am I starting to freak out! This thing moving in my stomach is soon going to be an actual baby!! Can't he just stay in there for another 9 months!!! I don't know if I'm ready!! Help!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Full Term!!!!!!!

Today I am officially full term!! I can't believe it! It's a little crazy to think that pretty soon we'll have a little boy! I'm a little nervous. I still feel like there is so much that I don't know no matter how many books I read! And I probably won't know until he actually gets here. Even that I'm not so sure!! I'm definitely excited though! I'm excited for Bryan and I to start this new adventure together and believe me with how much this kid moves around I know he'll be an adventure!! I'm scared that he'll come too late and be way too close to Christmas for comfort. Honestly I don't want him to come any later than a few days after the due date. Hopefully I can convince my doctor to induce me if I don't go into labor on the day! LOL we'll see! But I'm excited for him to be here and lets be honest I'm excited to stop working!! So any time Logan!! Come out!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Vow renewal

Well last night Bryan and I went to my parents vow renewal. I thought it turned out really nice. It was definitely a weird feeling considering I don't necessarily agree with them being together but I have to be happy for them if they seem happy. My sister, my mom and I went and got our nails done and got pedicures which was really nice!! Overall it was a good day!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Bryan found a baby javalina on Saturday while calling in coyotes!! Isn't it so cute!!! The pack ran away and this little guy ran in the opposite direction that the pack was running so Bryan and his friends picked it up! I guess he was biting at their shoes trying to attack!! But of course he was so small that it was just funny and cute!! He really calmed down after they picked him up, he became almost tame!!!! They put him back and the pack should have come back for him by now! So he had a fun adventure with some humans for a while!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So I got an ultrasound today!! He is looking good! Everything is normal and he is growing just the way he should! He is now 3 lbs 12 oz and is in the 49th percentile! A lot better than the 87th percentile in the last ultrasound! That really scarred me that I was going to have a 13 lb baby!!! His head is already down which is good! I'm sure he'll move back and forth several times before it is actually time! I'm very excited to have him here soon and can't wait! I can't believe it is only 2 months away!!